Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Fields of study in Biology

Botany-study of plants 
Zoology-study of animals
Various fields of specialization in Biology:
Morphology-study of structures and forms of organisms
Anatomy-study of parts or structure of organisms
Physiology-study of the normal functions of the parts of an organism
Cytology-study of structure and function of a cell
Histology-study of tissues
Embryology-study of growth and development of new organisms
Ecology-study of environment and the interrelationships of the organisms on it
Taxonomy-study of classification and naming of plants and animals
Genetics-study of hereditary 
Evolution-study of origin and differentiation of diff. kinds of an organism
Paleontology-study of fossils of living things and their distribution in time
Microbiology-study of microorganisms : classifications of Microbiology:
     1.Bacteriology-study of bacteria
     2.Virology-study of virus
     3.Protozoology-study of protozoans
Classification according to the specific kind of organism being studied:
Entomology-study of insects 
Helmintology-study of worms
Ichthyology-study of fishes
Ornitology-study of birds
Mammalogy-study of mammals
Conchology-study of shells
Anthropology-study of man



Zoologist / Veterinarian

Marine botanist

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