Sunday, February 16, 2014

Frog Disection Day

Three classes had their "hands-on" operation day with their own sample Mr Froggie...on the last 6 February 2014; class 5 Ibn Khaldun, 5 Ibn Rusyd and 5 Al Khawarizmi.

Three systems were observed and studied together in groups of about 2-5 students.; Respiratory System, Digestive System and the most popular system in January / February / Test 1 2014, Blood Circulatory System.

A great shocked happened when more than one of the frogs in class 5 Al Khawarizmi "woke up" during the disection is on. Most probably the cloroform used is not in high concentration or less time in cloroform.

Hope, all of you students enjoy yourselves and this can increase the interest and achievement in Biology for SPM 2014, insya Allah...

Good insicion
Demo - 5IK
Demo - 5IR
Demo with the KKU(Katak Kurang Upaya).


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