Friday, July 30, 2010

Inheritance / Pewarisan / Genetik

The most interesting chapter for Biology, I think..

At this moment, when everyone is finishing the syllabus, just thinking myself what is going to help me to be still energetic to all the students and to make themselves confident that we will also finishing it..... There you come my favourite chapter to be shared with you all, my dearie students...

Starting with the Mendell First Law or The Law of Segregation that telling us about in a pair of characteristics (e.g. blue and brown eye colour) only one can be represented in a gamete. What Mendell meant was that for any pair of characteristics there is only one gene in a gamete even though there are two genes in ordinary cells.

While in Mendell Second Law or The Law of "Independent Assortment". This says that for two characteristics the genes are inherited independently. For example, If you had the genotype AaBb you would make four kinds of gametes: they would contain the combinations of either AB, Ab, aB or ab.

So, there are some more interesting sub topics to be finished by this August. Just check it out, how could you involve yourself in enjoying these wonderful sub topics.. See you in class!

The mouse fur(colour of the fur)

Drosophilla melanogaster

Abbility to roll the tounge

Having an albino son

Colour blindness vision

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